Fertilizer Tank


  • Best Quality Material
  • Coated With More Than 70 Micron Thick Deep Blue Coloured Epoxy Powder From Both Inside And Outside Surface For Protection Against Corrosion And Weather Effects
  • Turbulent Inlet Ensures Thorough Mixing Of Chemicals And / Or Fertilizers
  • Separate Valves Are Provided On The Inlet & Outlet To Control The Injection Rate
  • Drain Port To Flush The Tank
  • Maximum Working Pressure 10 Kg/Cm2 (142 Psi)
  • Additional Fine Filter


  • Long Life Because Of Powder Coating Have Been Completed
  • To Avoid Entry Of Solid Particles In System, Special Provision Of Strainer On The Outlet Side
  • Special Drain Port Given To Flush The Tank
  • Esey To Installation
  • Due To The Turbulent Flow, The Fertilizers Are Mixed Well With Water
  • Saves Time And Money

Available Sizes

  • 30, 60, 90, 120, and 160 litres