• Additional Barbs Provided To Prevent Snap Out Of Tube
  • Manufactured From Tough Engineering Plastic
  • Tested Up To 4Kg/Cm2
  • Uv Resistant Fittings
  • Innovative Cap For Holding: Special Cap Provided To Hold Tube From Outer Side
  • Non Corrosive & Resistant To Chemicals
  • Standard Thread Size
  • High Wall Thickness
  • Smooth Surface Both Side
  • Extra Ribe On Ring


  • Strong Grip
  • One Piece Connector: One Piece Connector To Join Different Tubes
  • Life Is Long
  • No Weather Effect
  • Relatively Easy To Install
  • The Shape Of The Desired Layout
  • Easily Ring Fit With Threads Used For 32Mm Lateral Pipe
  • Fast And Easy Leak Proof Connection

Available Sizes

  • 32 mm