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  • Our Product are manufactured from poly-propylene a chemically inert thermoplastic by exclusive molding process
  • Specially Designed Joint Less
  • Leak proof and easy installation
  • Protective from corrosive chemicals
  • Resistance to most of chemicals and Fertilizer
  • Can be used up to 90°C.Temprature
  • Hydraulically/Pneumatically tested up to 200 lbs/sq. inch (10 kg/cm2)
  • Low cost compared to metal


  • Products Are Highly Durable
  •  Light Weight And Impact Strength
  • Our Product Are Manufactured From Poly-Propylene A Chemically Inert Thermoplastic By Exclusive Molding Process
  • Specially Designed Joint Less
  • Leak Proof And Easy Installation
  • Protective From Corrosive Chemicals
  • Resistance To Most Of Chemicals And Fertilizer
  • Can Be Used Up To 90°C.Temprature
  • Hydraulically/Pneumatically Tested Up To 200 Lbs/Sq. Inch (10 Kg/Cm2)
  • Low Cost Compared To Metal

Available Sizes

  • 2″,2.5″,3″,4″