Emitting Pipe (Flat Emitter & Hydrogol Emitter)

Product: In-house

Features of Emitting Pipe

  • Polysil Emitting pipes are available in Strip dripper and Hydrogol dripper
  • Emitting pipes are manufactured from highly qualified virgin raw material a per BIS Standard
  • Dripper have a specially approved design of zig-zag path. Zig-zag path creates a turbulent flow of water for self-cleaning of dripper
  • UV stabilized drippers Materials
  • Special filter in dripper inlet restricts the entry of impurities in the dripper
  • Emitting pipe are manufactured by fully automatic modern technological extruder
  • Fully Automation mechanism system developed and  Israel Vision System
  • Polysil emitting pipe have a license of category A and B
  • We have our own testing laboratory for testing emitting pipes
  • High definition Smart Printing artwork by Laser Printer
  • Our Production Team have upwards of 20 years of experience