• One Inlet and Two outlets enable angular or inline installation with threaded or Flange end
  • Turbo Helix Ring for self-cleaning of element by creating whirling movement of water segregating sediments and creating turbulence
  • Vacuum breaker prevents dripper clogging due to soil suck back by drippers and bucking of filter element / body caused by Vacuum phenomenon
  • QAT clamp (Robust Quick Action Toggle) for easy opening and closing of shell for cleaning
  • Clamp made up of Engineering Plastic for long life
  • Drain Valve for draining out of impurities without opening filter. Can also be used as a fertilizer injector point
  • Two Pressure Measuring port
  • All ports are provided with metal insert thread


  • Disc Structure provides three dimensional and depth filtration
  • Ensure high particle retention and allow longer interval between cleaning
  • Coarse particles retained on element surface and fine particle retained in grooves
  • Installation is possible in any position, both vertical and horizontal
  • All plastic and metal parts are resistant to common agricultural chemicals, fertilizers and flushing agents used with the systems
  • Interchangeability option of Screen Element in place of Helix Ring Element
  • Corrosion proof and durable polypropylene body construction
  • Impurities retained on element surface can be flushed out with drain valve