• POLYSIL IRRIGATION SYSTEMS PVT LTD-VADODARA, an ISO 9000 certified with ISI marked products, is a recognized brand in Emitting Pipe, Lateral Pipe and HDPE pipes for using in micro irrigation systems in India. Polysil is a regular supplier of Micro Irrigation Systems Products I.e. Drip irrigation, Mini sprinkler irrigation and Overhead sprinkler irrigation to farmer as well as various Govt. and non Govt. Bodies. The company has developed a Controlled Quality Management System which places great prominence towards providing finest quality of emitting pipe. It is dedicated towards sustaining national and international quality standards at competitive and measurable prices.
  • We are presently having plants in Vadodara, Gujarat, India with the most contemporary and sophisticated machinery making us one of the market demand in the micro irrigation industry throughout country with a production capacity of 11.5 crore meter of emitting and plain lateral per annum and 6000 Mt of HDPE pipes per annum. We manufacture emitting pipes for varied applications in the field of Agriculture & Irrigation for building prosperity in farmer community.
  • We deliver a complete solution to the farmers in water management & field assistance for efficient crop growing. Hence Polysil Irrigation provides tailor made micro irrigation system support for a particular crop which results in helping to reap a bumper crop with agronomical support.

Product Standard & Range

  • Integrated Hydrogol & flat Inline Systems confirming to IS 13488 available in Size
  • 12mm to 32mm outer diameter
  • LLDPE Lateral Confirming to IS 12786
  • Online NPC/PC Drippers confirming to IS 13487 available in 2lph 4lph, 8lph & 14lph
  • Integrated Inline Laterals : 1 to 1.2kg/cm2
  • LLDPE Lateral: 0.75 to 2.5 kg/cm2

Micro Irrigation Systems Applications, Features and Benefit.

  • Save water up to 80%.
  • Use of Fertilizer increases efficiency by 35%.
  • Crop grows consistently, healthier and mature fast, results in higher and faster returns on investment.
  • High crop growing uniformity.
  • Low pest and disease attack.
  • Effective water and nutrients uptake.
  • Dense and active feeding roots.
  • Intercultural operations make easy and less.
  • No need of land levelling.
  • No effect of UV Radiation.
  • Any kind of soil can be irrigated.
  • Install anywhere at very low & Economic cost.
  • Applicable on Horticulture crops, Field Crops etc.
  • Low maintenance & ease of use.